Why Compression?

Be Active. Stay Active.

Compression has an abundance of physical benefits, including joint support, muscle support, improved balance, and improved circulation. There are two primary reasons to start wearing compression:

✓ Compression Improves Performance & Recovery in Sports and Fitness

Compression Helps You Stay Active Through the Aging Process

Compression Improves Performance & Recovery in Sports and Fitness

Helps Prevent & Control Muscle & Joint Pain

As noted with Allen Iverson and many other athletes, the support and stability of compression wear helps prevent joint pain. As power lifter for over 30 years, I have significant elbow pain that affects my use of dumbbells. Using an elbow sleeve has allowed me to continue using dumbbells and maintain my routine.

Helps Circulate Blood

Compression wear’s primary purpose is to help improve blood circulation. This is critical for athletes when it comes recovery and injury. The goal is improving blood flow to eliminate inflammation and swelling which is bad for injury recovery. It is always better to have good blood circulation. You are protecting your muscles from potential future injuries.

Prevents Muscle Soreness & Stiffness

Compression wear helps loosen up your muscles and provides gentle pressure, this helps alleviate tightness and soreness in the muscles. It also helps loosen up the muscles so that they will not hurt during the performance and when you are recovering.

Speeds Up Muscle Recovery

Compression wear improves circulation of blood to your heart. The increased blood flow will enable you to recover more quickly. Fast recovery is essential for intense workouts.

Regulates Body Temperature

Compression wear also helps regulate your body temperature. No matter if it is hot or cold outside it helps keep your body temperature regular so that you are not as affected by the temperature as other athletes.

Compression Helps You Stay Active Through the Aging Process

As we get older, our muscles and joints need more stability and support. Our body has more pain and stiffness and makes it difficult to be active and stay active. This affects our desire and motivation to continue the activities we enjoy.
The following explains what is happening to our bodies as we age and why compression wear keeps us staying active:

Stability for Loose Joints

If you sprained your ankle or wrist several times in your youth, you will find, as you approach 60 years old, that the joint will feel loose. There will be swelling and you will have some pain. You will not feel stable. This is normal as the ligaments and muscles are loose. Compression sleeves provide the needed stability and support by providing the necessary pressure.

Flexibility For Tight Joints

If a person has a history of under-stretching, their joints will become tight and painful as they age. Compression sleeves increase blood flow, reduce swelling, and allow the joint to loosen and be more flexible. Conversely, if a person has a history of over-stretching, their joints will become loose over time. Compression sleeves provide the necessary stability and support of the joint. 

Better Balance

There is a process known as proprioception, which is the body’s ability to sense its location, movements, and actions. This is known as the sixth sense. As we get older, we lose proprioception, which results in balance issues. This is why older people can fall. 

Losing proprioception affects the stability of joints, sense of position and motion of the limbs which all contribute to joint stability. Compression sleeves help address the loss of proprioception. This can occur with any joint, but the ankle and knee are the most common. Therefore, wearing an ankle compression sleeve can reduce your chance of falling and give you confidence to do your activities. The key is to provide stability, support, increase blood flow and reduce swelling.