About Stoneland Fitness

Life is too short to waste time sitting on the sidelines.

Our Mission:

Stoneland Fitness LLC was founded with a passion for providing quality and comfortable compression wear so people can be active and stay active regardless of age, activity level, and joint or muscle pain.

Our Story:

In December 2017, while walking his dog in the desert, our co-founder Jon Moyer had a major pulmonary embolism (a blood clot that moves to the lungs). Jon collapsed and fell face first in the dirt. The doctors said he was dead when he hit the ground, but because of his size and the force of impact from his fall, the clot moved just enough to allow oxygen for him to breath and survive.
Jon woke up with his face in the dirt and had difficulty breathing. He stood up with blood running down his cheek, thinking he fainted because of dehydration. He struggled to walk home and for three days suffered from low oxygen and low energy. 
He hoped the problem would go away, and he minimized the issue with his family. A few days later, however, his left leg had swollen excessively to twice its size, so Jon decided it was time to go to the hospital. The hospital staff immediately admitted Jon, performed a CT scan, and discovered he had a blood clot. The clot was so severe they could not believe Jon was still alive. They also discovered that because he had waited so long for treatment, he had developed lymphedema in his left leg, and it would be forever swollen. 
They recommended that Jon wear compression socks.
As a veteran powerlifter with decades of experience in the gym (and the persistent joint and muscle pain that comes with the territory), Jon was excited to learn more about the joint stability and muscle support that compression wear offered.
  • He learned about the benefits of compression wear for different parts of the body.
  • He learned that all compression wear was not the same quality. 
  • He also learned that compression science could be confusing and it was not easy to find a compression expert to help consumers.
After sampling a variety of products, Jonathan finally found compression socks he liked. He learned that if properly and consistently worn, his legs felt good and the swelling in his left leg was controlled.
Once he fully recovered, it was time to get back to gym. Jon decided to try knee and elbow compression supports. He discovered that his pain was more controlled and that he had confidence to lift heavier weights because of the stability and support he experienced.
Now in his 50s, with the aid of compression wear, Jon remains an active power lifter. He can still do 17 reps of 225 lbs. on bench press, can deadlift 405 lbs., and can squat 315 lbs.
Jon started Stoneland Fitness LLC in an effort to help other athletes learn about the benefits of compression wear. Compression helps you be active and stay active. When you wear quality compression wear from Stoneland Fitness, you’ll be able to Maintain Your Lifestyle, Minimize Your Injuries, Manage Your Pain, and Maximize Your Recovery.